Joshua Welch


Joshua Welch was born in 1979 to John and Gloria Welch in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has one sister, a twin brother and a younger brother; Elizabeth Ruwe, David and Nathanael. He has been married since 2002 to Johnna Welch and they have three children together—Samuel (2003), Zoe (2005), and Hadassah (2007).

Joshua began preaching on a monthly basis at the age of 16. At 18, Joshua began preaching weekly with his father at the High School Road Church of Christ while attending Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis. He graduated in 2002 from IUPUI with a degree in English Education and a minor in Communication Studies and was also a member of the Forensics Team.

Joshua has done gospel meeting work in Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. In addition, he has hosted call-in radio programs for the churches in Indianapolis and Kokomo and now works as associate editor of Faith and Facts Quarterly. In July of 2002, Joshua began working as the evangelist at the Courtland Avenue church of Christ in Kokomo, Indiana and is currently preaching there. He currently lives outside of Kokomo in Russiaville, Indiana.

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